Catherine Metz

Approach from 2014  Narrative Figuration

My concern is with significant moments, when our paths intersect with those of other people, and my inspiration comes from the stories and memories they bring with them. My pictures evoke those moments, and hint at the ongoing stories they imply.

"People are made to be loved and things to be used. The real confusion in this world is that people are used and things loved..."

My recent paintings find their significance in Humanity caught in No man's land territory of our "hypermodern" society.Those  chosen places allow everyone to  project oneself through personal stories. It s linked with  the Story-telling Technic as well which I enjoy exploring a lot....

What is happening behind all windows ? lots of lives are lived, a melting-pot of people can be seen arousing  our curiosity and  questionning......

Technique is important too, but it is also important to preserve a capacity for surprise, and leave space for those chance encounters which help us explore our ideas and express them fully in our work. There are so many paths to be followed - and all of them are fascinating.

Approach before 2014 Blurred Effect

Can we love only the things we can label? I favour the blurred vision because it mirrors the world’s complexity, and reveals the fragmentary nature of reality, space and time.

The blurred effects I use in my paintings consciously reject the hard-edged, rational vision of reality. They disturb and unsettle. As Braque used to say, “art exists to disturb” -  and our task today is to dismantle the old ways of seeing.


The fleeting nature of experience and emotion cannot be conveyed in sharp focus. I try to find my own way of expressing movement (sometimes verging on anamorphic distortion) and reveal incomplete fragments of existence, moments of vibrant colour. Before we can rebuild, we must subvert old assumptions.