Catherine Metz was born in 1962 in Strasbourg (France), to which she has now returned after living in various other parts of Europe. Her own art is modern, but she finds inspiration in classical painters as well – in Velasquez, as well as in Hopper and, above all, Bacon.


Art is in Catherine’s blood. Her mother, also a painter, took her four daughters to exhibitions as soon as they could walk, and let them use her studio as a playground - small wonder that they all became artists!


Catherine struck out on her own by studying fashion design in Paris, world capital of haute couture. She later took an honours degree in fashion design at the St Martin’s School of Art in London.


Returning to Paris, she worked for Torrente and other well-known fashion houses, and was also widely active as a freelance.


She eventually moved back to Strasbourg, where she started a family. The turning point came when a gallery owner saw her work and offered to act as her agent, prompting her to devote herself wholly to art.


A full-time artist for the last seven years, she exhibits regularly in French galleries, and at art fairs for up-and-coming artists in various parts of Europe. In recent years, she has also had a number of solo exhibitions.


“Blurring” is an essential part of her technique, and reflects her vision of life as a series of disconnected sequences. For her, it consists of moments, which become images and coalesce to form a narrative when the individual’s imagination starts to work on them.


This holds the key to her work: she paints these moments and lets viewers weave stories round them.


A master of her medium, she uses a classical mixed technique, combining acrylic and oil on canvas.